Sunday, September 4, 2011

Healthy Steps Tropical Fruit Popsicle

Kitchen tools for a healthier lifestyle

Don't we all want a healthier lifestyle? I sure do. Recently in an attempt to improve my eating habits and ultimately my health I began a food journal. My friend calls it our confession journal as we record all we eat and are now more aware of what we're eating as well as our portion sizes. ("Forgive me food journal for I have sinned. That chocolate cookie was too tempting.") What I like most about keeping a food journal is that I'm better at managing my portion sizes. Portion sizes. Now that's something we've all heard before.

How does all this talk of eating healthy and portion sizes tie in with this photo of tropical fruit and a funny looking kitchen gadget? I recently reviewed a few products sold by Healthy Steps including this fruit popsicle mold. Healthy Steps? That sounds like a weight loss step by step plan. No, it's more like a healthier lifestyle facilitated by kitchen gadgets.

The Healthy Steps website is a gold mine of information for those of you seeking to improve your eating habits. I found a link to the Healthy Steps YouTube channel where I watched a great video about food journaling (yay!) and their new dressing cruet. I want this! Too much salad dressing is a weakness of mine and using a cruet that measures the recommended 2 Tablespoon serving size would be fantastic! I also read their recipe selection and learned more about the benefits of eating avocados.  The avocado pro tool would be so handy in my kitchen especially with the avocado tree I have in my backyard.

The first words I heard after my daughter tasted her tropical fruit popsicle: "Mom! This is really good!" Our fruit pop was filled with fresh papaya, passion fruit and a sugar-free orange-mango fruit juice. What I liked about the popsicle mold was the push-up design where you push the handle up as you slowly eat the popsicle. We did have problems with juice leaking once the popsicle began to thaw but that just means you eat faster! Eating a fiber rich, low-sugar, fruit filled popsicle is a great healthy summer treat. I was also sent one of Healthy Steps portion control gadget, the shalt shaker. This is a great measuring dispenser for those who want to limit the amount of salt in their diet. Some of the other portion control gadgets I dream of owning are: starch server and the ice cream scoop.

To keep up on all the latest and greatest from Healthy Steps, follow them on Twitter, like their facebook page, and read their blog. I know I'm already making plans to follow Healthy Steps and learn new ways to improve my eating habits.

BUY: The Healthy Steps website lists retailers that sell their products. Check them out!

I was not compensated for this post. Any and all opinions here are mine.

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