Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Papaya with Passion Fruit

I love the deliciousness of eating homegrown fruit.

In Hawai'i I can't grow some of my favorite 'mainland' fruits like peaches or pears but I can grow tropical fruits such as lilikoi (passion fruit) and papaya.

If you've never eaten passion fruit, it's a small hard-skinned fruit that grows on a vine-like bush. You cut open the tough skin and scoop out the flesh, seeds and all. It's a tart fruit but still edible on it's own. 

Once my lilikoi are ripe I'll be sharing some great recipes like lilikoi syrup and butter. These are good, but my families favorite way of eating the fruit is by combining the tart flavor of lilikoi with the mellow sweet flavor of papaya. It's goodness in a bowl!


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